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Vittorazi V Throttle - Black

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The ergonomic design has been specifically thought to ensure comfortable hand support, as close as possible to its natural position. Easy to use, it is available for both the right and left hand and it is adjestable for different hand sizes. 



The joystick has a high quality finishing and is comfortable around your hand even for longer flights. Made of strong nylon for super strength, the components are very resistant to shocks, pressure, acids or oils.


The spring on the lever, improves the cable sliding in difficult situations (strong cable bending, obstruction by foreign bodies).


The ergonomic shape of the handle allows a comfortable and natural position of the fingers. The cavity of the lever, facilitates the grip or the accelerator lock during the reverse launch.


Adjustable strap position (up-down) to perfectly tune the grip on the handle. Reverse function: it can be easily switched by right hand, left-handed.


Easy to reach but also protected, as to avoid accidental shutdowns. Button – IP67 waterproof standard.


Sheathed steel cable, core PTFE, it guarantees excellent smoothness even in narrow bending. Crimped components ensure a high resistance of the whip, all sealed by grommets.