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Car windscreen cover

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All seasons large car windscreen cover. When fixed on the outside this protects the windscreen in winter against freezing, and the car interior against heating in the summer.

  • High quality cover of multilayered cloth
  • total dimensons ca. 200x70 cm (the windcreen panel itself is about 128 cm wide);
  • both sides covered by bubble wrap;
  • stiff enough to fix it inside by catching the rear mirror and sun visors (lower quality shades will yield and fall down);
  • double side loops - smaller to be trapped by the doors, bigger partially covering side window against frost;
  • elastic loops to fix the cover (e.g. to a mirror);
  • elastic suckers capable catch either glass or car body
  • made entirely in Europe;
  • weight ca. 270 g/m2 and high cover quality allowing durable print.