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Dudek Replacement Lines

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Skybound Aviation is the general importer for Dudek Para & Power Gliders.

We are in a position to offer replacement lines to UK pilots at cost as a 'thank-you' for being a Dudek pilot and soften the blow of mishaps.

Third-party produced lines are in the region of £15 each with typically longer production wait times and may differ in colour from the original line.

We carry most 1st gallery lines (riser to first connection branch, as these are the lines that normally suffer from propeller contact) from AP through to DP, Brake lines and Tip Steering, for Universal, Solo and Nucleon-4. For lines that are not held in stock, they take about 2 weeks to arrive in the UK as they are made in the Dudek factory. 

When ordering lines please add the total amount of lines needed in the quantity box and add to cart. At checkout there is a 'Note Box', Please add the the following information. Wing model, size and serial number followed by the number of each type of line needed and the line identifier as described in the Dudek wing service manual.

Example of layout of the 'Note' to add to the order.

Solo 24, P-123412
1x AP1, 1x AP2, 1x AP3
1x BP1, 1x BP2, 1x BP3, 1x BP4
1x CP1, 1x CP2, 1x CP3
1x DP1, 1x DP2
2x BRP1
2x BRP2

If you have any questions or doubts about ordering lines, then please contact us first.