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Vittorazi E-Props Propeller 130cm

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E-Prop Clearance Sale £219

E-Prop Composite  Propeller for Vittorazi Moster & Atom engines - 130cm

Skybound Aviation Ltd has decided to sell its current stock of E-Propellers at cost. As a Vittorazi Main Dealer, we have decided to focus on supplying propellers that are on the current Vittorazi Approved Propeller List. E-propellers are a good, light, well-made product that Vittorazi previously approved. We have only 2-blade Moster and Atom props in 125cm and 130m in standard reduction and Moster in 2.87 reduction. This sale is for retail customers; any large order will be cancelled and refined.

E-Prop Composite Propellers for Vittorazi Moster & Atom engines - 125cm.

If you are unsure of your Moster reduction type, look at the top pully. 

128mm Pully = 2.68 (Standard Moster)

130mm Pully = 2.87 (Moster Factory R and most PAPs)

Atom = No reduction option.

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