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M010- Vittorazi Piston Complete 66 mm SEL. A to E

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Sizes from A-E. 

The piston needs changing every 150 hours. At this time, the cylinder will most probably benefit from a slightly larger piston than the original size. The cylinder will need measuring with a bore gauge, as per the instructions on pages 108-117 of the maintenance manual. Replacing with the original size may, in some cases, bring a gap relationship between cylinder and piston under the max of 0.15mm, but this tolerance will not make the next 150 hours. 

Refer to the Vittorazi Maintenance Manual for detailed fitting instructions.

Includes: M011 Pin - M012 C-Clips - M013 Rings

*The Piston Complete does not include a small end bearing. Replacing the small end bearing when fitting a new piston is highly recommended. You can find the bearing here - M009