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Walbro WB High Jet Setting Tool

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A Skybound in-house designed tool for Walbro WB carburettors.

Accurately set the high jet to factory standard or higher state of tune by hours and minutes of turns out from the closed position. Also, a way of checking the current state of tune by means of measuring the tunes back in before servicing. 

The tool has a 360-degree turntable bezel with 60-minute markers and hour makers on the face. The metal pointer parks away after use and is held in place by a magnet. 

Below are the high jet settings for the WB Vittorazi factory sealed; please refer to the Vittorazi User Manual and Maintenace Manual, which can be found on their website.

Atom = 60mins out (1hr)

Moster Plus =  72mins out (1hr & 12mins)

Moster Silent = 72mins out (1hr & 12mins)

Moster Factory R = 78mins out (1hr & 18mins)

Fly Easy/Evo = 72mins out (1hr & 12mins)

Walbro carburettor is for illustration purposes only.